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An Ideal Day Of Fitness Imagined

An Ideal Day of Fitness Imagined

In this whimsical and quickie article we’re going to go through a hypothetical day of fitness that covers all the bases. It’ll be fun! And, you see, we humans absolutely love to learn through stories so it’ll be educational as well as imaginative. Let’s do this.

In the Morning

You wake up before the alarm because you got to bed at a good hour and slept well for a solid 8 hours. You head into the kitchen to make your morning shake to get it out of the way.

The Shake

2 scoops of organic raw hemp seed protein, 1 tbsp. of extra-virgin coconut oil, 2 tbsp. of raw flax seeds, 2 big chunks of fresh pineapple, a handful of fresh blueberries, finished off with cold organic green tea you prepared before bed.
You down the shake in about 3 minutes standing there with your hip on the stove staring into the distance visualizing your jog. Then you get changed into your workout gear and head out the front door. It’s a gorgeous sunny day, early before all the buzz of activity in the neighborhood begins.

The Jog

It’s about two miles to the gym from your house but it’s rural and you get to go up and down hills, there’s a few side-of-the-road trails and the view at your elevation is spectacular! A real treat where you think about the day to come and mentally prepare for it.

The Gym

You like to get your workouts done early in the day and the green tea is kicking in now so it’s go-time. Today is a functional training/cardio day to hit your whole body at once for about 40 minutes and then you’re going to finish it off with a 30 minute metabolic conditioning class.

The Exercises: You’re already warmed up so you head straight to the weight room and grab a pair of moderate weight dumbbells and one of the shorter weighted barbells. Your circuit today is dumbbell squats with shoulder presses, then into some burpees, followed by walking barbell lunges and finally some dumbbell planks with pushups and rows. Without really stopping for a minute or two in between, you polish off 5 circuits and work up quite a sweat. After that you decide to hit the rower until class starts.

The Class: Basically the instructor has you moving your whole body focusing on one body part at a time for the entire 30 minutes without much rest. It’s a real calorie burner but you choose lighter weights so you can finish each set without too much strain. The music is intense, but afterwards while you take your shower you feel completely relaxed down to the cellular level.

Post-Workout Smoothie

Your gym makes great smoothies and recently switched to using pure organic or whole food ingredients. You go with a 12 ounce Berry Blast version with 2 scoops of protein.


A good day; a productive day made even better by your easy going and yet energized attitude.


Today you brought your lunch with you, and it’s super-fast so you have time to just chill out before going back into work mode. You have a $3 organic meal supplement bar that’s chalk full of nuts, dried berries & fruits, seeds, honey and grains. A nice tall bottle of purified mineral water helps it go down smoothly.


For dinner you’ve cooked a large chicken breast glazed in olive oil on a bed of veggies (steamed broccoli, spinach, collard greens and kelp) with a little bit of organic butter melted over them. For flavor you’ve got with organic sage and rosemary that happens to be growing in your windowsill.
The Afternoon Walk: After dinner you like to take a walk for a mile or so to help your body digest and then it’s time to sink into the couch until bedtime.

How was that? Not bad right? Great food, a great early morning workout and nothing but positive vibes. Let’s try to make tomorrow just like that!
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