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Losing Weight: The Best Exercises!

Losing weight: the best exercises!

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First Goal: Stop with the excuses!

First of all we must remember that we’re going to begin a great challenge. It’s not important to become models, but to invert the process that is getting us fatter and fatter. Above all, let’s think of our health and help our body to work better.

We have a terrible habit of finding many excuses and we normally blame it on a number of causes: the most popular of them is “slow metabolism”.

First revolution: Your shape, from now on, depends on you.

I agree that a balanced diet is the base to start with, but without movement, we won’t obtain any results. The classical excuses are always the same: “Gym? No thanks, I don’t like it!”, “I don’t have money,” and “I don’t have the time!”. However it’s clear that finding one hour to go for a walk or doing a little yard work are not expensive activities!

We’re becoming lazier, but this trend goes against our nature! Men and women are made to move for hunting and collecting food with hard physical strain, therefore we must think seriously on the effects of our sedentary life and take advantage of every free moment to MOVE!

Let’s try to begin today. What about winter? When the temperature is low, we burn more calories and our body gets used to the cold. This way you’ll be able keep your heat lower! Come on, throw your slippers through the window and begin with a long meditative walk.

Second goal: Let’s begin the training.

Ideally it would be to practice an aerobic activity: aerobics allow the transformation of oxygen, fats and carbohydrates to energy. If you’ve always been sedentary and the idea of practicing any kind of sport embarrasses you, begin to walk! Remember that our body starts to burn fats after 20 minutes of exercise, so program 50-60 minutes of training sessions.

Running is certainly the fastest solution to lose weight and keep fit. On the other hand, if you frequent the gym, follow a serious course of aerobics and work with the machines guided by a personal trainer who will help you to plan your personalized program to tone up and develop an harmonic musculature. Train with tenacity and regularity at least three time a week and you’ll see an exceptional result!

Guaranteed Results!

The result, clearly, is not limited to loosing weight, the benefits over the long run are various: they reduce the “bad cholesterol” and the adipose tissue, stimulate the metabolic system and the production of substances like serotonin and endorphin that act in our brain producing a sensation of wellness and tear down stress.

Don’t lose time! For other suggestions and training ideas follow us on