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3 Herbs To Spice Up Your Workout Smoothies

3 Herbs to Spice up Your Workout Smoothies

No one said that workout smoothies and shakes can’t get spicy! Why not add some really nifty herbs into the mix that come packing tons of other health benefits? We’re going to talk about cayenne pepper, chili powder and curry. Yeah. We’ll talk about why they’re such awesome additions to your liquefied goodies as well as some of their herbal awesomeness. Let’s do this!

#1: Cayenne Pepper

Before we get into all the herbal medicine stuff, let’s get right to the most pertinent benefit to adding some heat to your before-workout smoothie: an increase in body heat. When you increase heat production, your basal metabolic rate spikes which means you’ll be burning more calories. So, if you sip an extra spicy protein shake before and during your workout, you’ll use up more energy without harming any lean mass.
Now, along with this you can add on herbal mountains of health benefits. To be perfectly honest Cayenne pepper is one of the Kingly herbs. It’s downright regal because of how incredibly useful it is in the human body. We’re talking everything from a natural blood thinner and anti-cold agent, to a fabulous digestive aid and detox enhancer.
I mean, cayenne pepper can actually save people from heart attacks for crying out loud!

#2: Chili Powder

The same thing goes in terms of increasing basal metabolic rate with Chili Powder and the next herb we’ll discuss which is Curry. First of all, you can consider chili powder to be one of the most potent sources of vitamin A…ever. Here’s the hard facts: in one tablespoon of chili powder there is roughly 2,224 International Units of vitamin A! That’s about half of your RDA.
That same tablespoon will also contain about 4.8 mgs. Of Vitamin C as well. Then, you get good doses of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and a tony bit of selenium. All this for just adding a little kick to your smoothie…How awesome is that?

#3: Curry Powder

Curry powder comes in many different shades of spicy from mild to extreme. Obviously the hotter the better in terms of exacerbating your calorie output, but it’s a miracle worker in the joint-capsule department. The turmeric in curry eases the discomfort from arthritis and inflamed joints. It can also reduce swelling, so for those that hit the weight pretty hard the benefits abound.
Now along with this stuff you should also know that all three of these spices are well of antioxidants that can help the body rid itself of free radicals. And yes, studies have shown that intense exercise does create these buggers. Not too many of them, but every little immune booster helps in the long run when you put your body under consistent stress.

What do you think? Are you ready to take your workout smoothies to another level? Be sure to stop by the Fitness Studio blog again soon because we live and breathe this kind of stuff.