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You Can’t Escape Push-ups!

You can’t escape push-ups!

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Why should you train your chest doing push-ups?

The majority of women do not like push-ups and this is a great truth, unfortunately, work on strengthening the pectoral muscles is good for your health and posture, and to be honest, even for an appearance of firmness of the breast.

Dealing with this type of muscle development involves a strong workout as the pectoral contracts only to overcome resistance. For women, to avoid militaristic push-ups on the floor, you should try a more friendly workout, like push-ups on the wall.

How to perform push-ups correctly?

  • Stand up facing the wall and stretch your arms forward at chest height.
  • Place your hands with your fingers pointing upwards and keep your abs contracted and shoulders low.
  • Move closer to the wall by bending your arms and breathing, relax your arms and exhale.

Do 4 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise.

How to continue doing push-ups?

Continue standing up with the palms of your hands together and keep your elbows at chest, open it to the side, and with all the strength possible, apply pressure by pushing a hand to the other and exhale. Inhale and release the muscles.

Perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

What is the secret for stimulating your pectoralis?

The secret to stimulating all areas of the section pectoralis (major and minor) is in the lead resistance between the arms and a static obstacle (wall or floor), using the weight of the body in order to work the muscles a certain number of times per week.

And now we have come to the moment of push-ups, or folding of the arms. Get on the ground in dog position, leaning on your hands, arms outstretched and palms at shoulder height. Place the tip of your feet on the floor while keeping your arms straight and your back aligned with your feet. Lower the chest toward the floor, lift your arms up to stretch.

It is ideal if you can do 3 sets of 20 receptions of pushups.

In the gym you can use the pectoral machine: sit with your back towards the machine, your back has to be adhered to the bench, and then grab the appropriate handles. The seat must be adjusted in such a way that the imaginary line that passes through the elbow is parallel to the ground, and the height of the chest. Exhale “empty your lungs” in the process of extension and “inflate your lungs” when you get back to the starting position.

Now that you have all the information to begin your training of the chest muscles, have a good workout!

Do not forget to stretch your shoulders before and after and visit our blog